About Us

When you create something that brings change in lives, does not matter how or small or vast the impact; what is the best way to make great use of it? Simply share it with those who care and rejoice the true essence of it. Art harmonizes and brings meaning to life. What’s more, good creations are infectious, which connects people; who pass them on.

What is the reason to unite people? So many ways the human beings display their inherent abilities, some speak, some sing and some write while others create to leave a credible mark on history.  Our mission and goal are to promote all kind of art forms which increase the artist’s communication and interaction within the community and with others outside. This platform is designed to promote artists and their work. Above all, be part of it and rejoice by creating art, establishing new lifelong friendships and everlasting bonds.  Anyone who wants to be part of artist’s community is welcome. Enjoy “Squiby” and spread the joy. 

Currently, the website is managed by volunteers and further enhancements are in order based on the feedback and accumulated experience. Squiby is thankful to the listed users who provided tremendous support and administrating roles for the site. More information can be obtained at their profile pages.

1. Bragbrassed 

2. littlekittymomo

3. Kurosuke