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Created by lilybloom 10 months ago
this site is 99 percent dead.  only a few people (mostly admins) are posting, and barely it's been dying since 2013, although it never had been very active, but now it's dead for sure. 2017, 2016, 2015 = little a small amount of activity besides the actual pet...

Created by bragbrassed 11 months ago
Happy New Years everyone!!! : D No news yet....let's hope I get news this year then! X D Admin bb

Created by bragbrassed 11 months ago
Hello all! I am late in the day....but I finally just finished clean up from the day otl! X'''D And so came here! : )  I still don't have any reply yet...yes....still. I sent another email. We shall see how long before I get a reply.    Anyway! I hope you all...

Created by avianartist 11 months ago
hello, I've come back after a while! my art's improved a /lot/ while I was gone, and I've changed a bit, I guess :v so, uhh I doodled something and set it as my profile image!   anyway, enough about me- the new site is absolutely amazing! :)

Created by bragbrassed 12 months ago
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope those that celebrate it have the best time and reflect on all we should be thankful for! It is a great time for food, family and reflecting on the positives...but acknowledging the negatives that we need to turn around and move on with life. In other words, learn from...

Created by bragbrassed 1 year ago
Hello All Happy Halloween everybody! I hope you have the best spooky time this year! I have no news or response yet about the site. I will inform you all when I finally get a response.    Admin bb

Created by bragbrassed 1 year ago
Hello As we come upon Halloween in a few days...and I see ZERO pets uploaded because the adopting is broken and the seeing of the adopted pets is broken as WELL. made me dash off yet another email to the Main Owner. I am looking for ANY NEWS...just...ANY at this point. My last...

Created by bragbrassed 1 year ago
Hi Everyone   I have been doing my best to keep in contact with the main owner of the site. And it has now been near a month since last contact. I had composed a new email to remind them that the site is still in a stand still mode. I will inform you all if I get any reply or...

Created by stewofkc 1 year ago
I will share many quizzes, stories, and blogs from Quibblo (and sometimes QuizRocket) for your entertainment.