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Created by popokko 11 months ago
I remember joining back in 2009/2010 and this is where I learned to RP actually ?? Good times, good times. I can't remember for the life of me what my old username was so I decided to make a new one and gonna take a look around :3c This place seems kind of dead at the moment but hopefully that...

Created by galaxysnow 11 months ago
I was sitting at the laptop, bored out of my mind, then I realized I forgot 100% about Squiby. I remembered they were going to go under construction to redesign soon, so when I finally went to the website, woah. The new design is so cute ack! But my main point about this blog is to just...

Created by weaselaferret 11 months ago
Hey peeps, its been a while. Lately I'ver been looking for this site but all i could remember was you made your own pets and it had something to do with a squid lol. But I found it! Imagine my surprise when I realized it was being revamped... Oh well, I hope they do a good job. Right now it...

Created by bragbrassed 12 months ago
Hello all! I hope you all are enjoying the last of your awesome Summer time!! : D I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that the work on the transferring over of adopted pets is delayed a bit. Mainly because the contract is up for the developer that worked on bringing the site over to this...

Created by karasuchan 12 months ago
My adoptions won't load. All I see is the darn buffering circle thing. All my categories are gone too. My adoptables are also blown up and it makes them look bad.

Created by kanonlawliet 12 months ago
After the renewal of squiby, the new limit of levels and all that staff i have to update all my adoptables. I'll start when the adopcions come visible again. Until then i'll wait to answer messages and everything else. ~w~

Created by lakov 12 months ago
jus droppin' this here 'fore I forget, spoils for my boy Seamus  linkle

Created by flareflareon 12 months ago
what was i on when i made this account lmao

Created by bragbrassed 12 months ago
Hi Everyone!   Just letting you all know that the site is still in the process of the move. And yes I would totally agree that it is taking time. But that is what happens when you switch over to a brand new site. Sometimes things don't always transfer smoothly. Our adopted pets did...

Created by kimiyu 1 year ago
NEW SITE AND ALL  i'll finally be able to upload an adoptable :''D i only got the egg and stage 1 down so far so i'll drop this here boop