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Created by galaxysnow 6 months ago
I was sitting at the laptop, bored out of my mind, then I realized I forgot 100% about Squiby. I remembered they were going to go under construction to redesign soon, so when I finally went to the website, woah. The new design is so cute ack! But my main point about this blog is to just...

Created by weaselaferret 6 months ago
Hey peeps, its been a while. Lately I'ver been looking for this site but all i could remember was you made your own pets and it had something to do with a squid lol. But I found it! Imagine my surprise when I realized it was being revamped... Oh well, I hope they do a good job. Right now it...

Created by yusirian 6 months ago
My adoption has disappeared.  Where did my adoptions go? +My Experts. -> Password does not apply. +The combined images are not removed. ㅠㅠ... I'm confused. I can't do this anymore. If it is not settled...?  Maybe... I'll quit.

Created by bragbrassed 7 months ago
Hello all! I hope you all are enjoying the last of your awesome Summer time!! : D I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that the work on the transferring over of adopted pets is delayed a bit. Mainly because the contract is up for the developer that worked on bringing the site over to this...

Created by karasuchan 7 months ago
My adoptions won't load. All I see is the darn buffering circle thing. All my categories are gone too. My adoptables are also blown up and it makes them look bad.

Created by yusirian 7 months ago
I'd like to get rid of the combined image, but I don't know what to do. I just want to see the egg stage image. ㅠㅠ  

Created by kanonlawliet 7 months ago
After the renewal of squiby, the new limit of levels and all that staff i have to update all my adoptables. I'll start when the adopcions come visible again. Until then i'll wait to answer messages and everything else. ~w~

Created by lakov 7 months ago
jus droppin' this here 'fore I forget, spoils for my boy Seamus  linkle

Created by flareflareon 7 months ago
what was i on when i made this account lmao

Created by bragbrassed 7 months ago
Hi Everyone!   Just letting you all know that the site is still in the process of the move. And yes I would totally agree that it is taking time. But that is what happens when you switch over to a brand new site. Sometimes things don't always transfer smoothly. Our adopted pets did...